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Design Thinking Methodology: Creative Facilitation

Design Thinking is a process for problem solving through creative methodologies. Facilitators are required at every step of the process in order to focus the project team on specific tasks. The role of facilitator is not project management or a directorship.

This 2-hour workshop provides the following:

- Planning a Creative Work Session
- Case Study & Discussion: Examples of Ideation Sessions
- Principles of Creative Facilitation
- Activity: Planning Your Next Session
- Q&A

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  1. Design Thinking 101: Participants will walk away with a clear understanding of what design thinking is and how it's used to solve problems.
  2. Creative Facilitation 101: One hour is dedicated to practicing in small groups to enable every participant an opportunity to try facilitating.
  3. Creative Workshop Planning 101: Everything will be reinforced by going over the principles of how to setup a creative workshop.



Jessica Lowry, Founder, Principal Design Coach , Exploration x Design

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