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SXSW Music 2013

How to Stretch Your Recording Budget

We're constantly being told that the music recording landscape is changing, and that every artist is more empowered than ever since they own a computer. But what does this really mean for the quality and cost of recording an album these days? We'll examine using studios, homes and other spaces to save time and also to focus performances. We'll talk about budgets and how they have changed and not changed. We'll illustrate different ways to get the best records made for the best costs.

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  1. What ways can a professional studio be utilized and still keep costs down? Benefits of a studio - no outside distractions, pro gear, pro help, motivation?
  2. How can an artist maximize the benefits of home recording? Pros and cons of home recording - distractions, motivation, outside noise, acoustics?
  3. Can we examine money versus time options? Short time in studio versus long time at home?
  4. What about bringing the professionals to you instead of going to them? Recording live? Recording in rehearsal spaces?
  5. How much has making a great album REALLY changed due to technological changes?



Larry Crane, owner/editor/producer, Tape Op Magazine/Jackpot! Recording Studio

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