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Designing in Extreme Environments: Equator to Pole


Designing in extreme environments is, well, extreme. Resilience is key to ensuring that life can exist in inhospitable places like the Poles and the Equator. Harsh climates introduce design challenges and it becomes even more imperative to create buildings that respond to prevailing conditions both as a protective measure, but also for the future generations that occupy these near impossible construction environments. Join us as thought-provoking experts discuss recent extreme environment projects including a city at the bottom of the world, McMurdo Station in Antartica, a 5,000-acre city at the equator, Konza Technology City in Kenya, and a hotel oasis at Death Valley where it reaches 134-degrees in the summer.

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  1. What does a community look like at -134 below zero?
  2. What does a community look like at 134 degrees?
  3. How do you design buildings in the world's most extreme environments?



Katie Dabbs, Account Director, Feed Media

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