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SXSW 2019

Corps Values Inspiring Core Value

For years, the Marine Corps established effective partnerships with football programs nationwide. Shared perspectives of leadership, resolve, teamwork and perseverance largely drove those partnerships to the level of high-success expected from two deeply rooted American traditions.

The collective pursuit of victory found in sport and military service is an undeniable parallel. So much so, that as cultural shifts in youth sports and military recruitment usher in a new era of competition, the need for top talent remains a crucial endeavor. Driven by their long-standing values of Honor, Courage and Commitment, the Marine Corps saw an opportunity to inspire the next generation of athletes and Marines through a network of new partnerships with USA Wrestling (USAW), USA Rugby and CrossFit.

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  1. The Marine Corps reinforces its commitment to its own values by exhibiting a genuine interest in youth development.
  2. Institutional parallels between the Marine Corps and youth sports provided valuable mentorship/leadership opportunities for both athletes & Marines.
  3. By diversifying its partnerships, the Marine Corps expanded its recruitment reach, brand reputation and community impact.



Mason Havens, Social Media Coordinator, J. Walter Thompson

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