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CRE Meets CBE: The Intersection of Radical Change

Competency based education has been around for a while now, but there are few places employing this concept to close educational opportunity gaps for students of color. We will explore some of the successes and challenges faced by a school in the Bronx as they try to bring a culturally responsive lens to the CBE conversation, and discover what it will take to bring more schools serving students of color to the CBE table.

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  1. Discuss how strong CRE practices in a CBE setting can have positive impacts on students of color academically and developing social justice platforms.
  2. Challenge to notion that CBE cannot serve as a tool to close opportunity gaps that exist for students of color.
  3. Assist schools who serve students of color and want to incorporate a CBE instructional model.



Brandon Corley, Academic Director, South Bronx Community Charter High School

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