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Tech Provides Social-Emotional Learning in Schools

Educators often discuss assisting students in developing their social skills, personal identities, and good citizenship as part of a teacher’s responsibilities in educating the whole child. Many are aware of research showing that social-emotional learning (SEL) improves academic performance, school climate, and personal success. But how much do they act on it? Technology, particularly social media, is often cited as a “place” where people demonstrate poor social skills, but there are many cases of teachers and students using the Internet to practice pro-social behaviors and digital citizenship. This session will highlight ways that educators can use technology to help students learn to manage their emotions, know themselves better, and choose actions that reflect their “best selves” – adding meaning and relevance to their school experience. Social networking, online media, and technology tools that support reflection, self-regulation, creative expression will be discussed.

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Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D., Online Adjunct Professor, Boise State Univer

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