SXSW 2019

Designing the Future of Food with Biology


Earth’s population is on pace to increase to 10 billion in the coming decades, meaning humanity must fundamentally shift its paradigms of food production, rather than incrementally improve millenia-old systems.

As we deep dive into the future of food, it’s clear we can use first-principle thinking to decrease our carbon footprint, eliminate animals from our supply chain, and create products that promote human health.

Hear four scientist-entrepreneurs share how they’re using biology to build tomorrow’s food system with plant based foods, fungi protein, molecular design of wine and spirits, and clean meat.

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  1. Protein demand is one of the biggest strain on food systems. Using biotech approaches we can meet this with less energy, land, and water usage.
  2. We have the ability to remove animal agriculture from our food systems.
  3. The reinvention of food is being led by startups which means the ability to create change is more accessible to entrepreneurs than ever before.



Alex Kopelyan, Partner, IndieBio

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