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Learning Together: A District & Startup’s Journey

Imagine what the future of education would look like if school districts worked hand-in-hand with technologists to create a learning platform that puts learners at the center. Go behind the scenes with two organizations that are doing that today: Arcadia USD and AltSchool. Experience how a stable school district and an agile startup share a common vision and purpose. See how they collaborate to build tools that support learner-centered experiences for students in a truly personalized way.

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  1. Discover how school districts can learn to "act like a startup" to accelerate toward a learner-centric model without losing they are
  2. Discuss how to find common vision and purpose between organizations in order to transform learning for all children
  3. Explore collaborative strategies to support learner-centered experiences



Greg Gazanian, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Arcadia Unified School District

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