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LGBTQ-Inclusion in the Classroom: Where to Start?

In 2012, the FAIR Education Act went into effect in California. It mandates that all K-12 history and social studies curriculums highlight the LGBTQ+ community and its accomplishments. Wouldn’t it be great to see something like this nationwide?!

But where do we start as educators - both in and out of CA? How do we build LGBTQ-inclusive classrooms? How do we broach conversations with our students and their families? Come and join us as we tackle these timely questions.

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  1. Bring LGBTQ+ educators and allies together for an in-depth conversation about our identities and inclusion in the classroom.
  2. Discuss/share best practices, resources, partners, curriculums, and more that make LGBTQ-inclusion an easy and fulfilling experience for all.
  3. As a group, create a "Next Steps" list, one that can help guide educators on how to continue building inclusive classrooms for LGBTQ+ youth.


  • Justin Tindall, Director, Education and Global Programming, It Gets Better Project
  • Daniel Moretti, Director of Distribution & Educational Programming, Frameline


Justin Tindall, Dir Education & Global Programming, It Gets Better Project

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  • Tags: storytelling, diversity
  • Event: SXSW EDU
  • Format: Campfire
  • Track: Accessibility & Inclusion
  • Level: Field Experience
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