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Digital Vs Real


The Digital Age has improved almost every aspect of our daily lives. We have access to the word’s information fingertips. Services like Spotify or Uber are on demand wherever whenever. We can control our homes and devices without needing to get off the sofa. Although this is great progress there is a downside… humans have lived in and interacted with a physical and three-dimensional worlds for tens of thousands of years and in a short period of a couple of decades many of the things we experienced that were once physical and tangible have become virtual and abstract. What can we do as designers to blend digital with physical mediums and increase human to human interaction?

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  1. as technology is being distributed into the physical world, we have new opportunities for to blend digital design with physical design
  2. This new era will unleash us from our screens and allow us to engage with the world and people around us.
  3. The blending of physical with digital requires designers to develop new skills, process and methodologies.


  • Max Burton, Gloabl Leader of Connected Products, Fjord


Max Burton, Gloabl Leader of Connected Products, Fjord

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