Care Culture and Safe Spaces for (In)visible Youth

The stories of some student populations, including their challenges and successes, have been historically overlooked by the education system. Led by experts with lived experience, this session addresses how students and educators can collaborate to create safe classroom spaces. With a special focus on children with incarcerated parents and LGBTQ students, educators will learn and exchange strategies to address bias, create a care culture, and facilitate difficult conversations in a safe space.

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  1. How to reach students dealing with incarceration, LGBTQ identity, and other marginalized experiences in a way that recognizes and refrains from bias.
  2. How to address students’ needs for a safe space in which they feel that they belong and can self-actualize.
  3. Why educators need to foster a care culture and safe space for difficult conversations with students and fellow colleagues.



Vivett Dukes, Educator / Writer / Advocate / Activist, NYC DOE / Speak Ya Truth / Sevenzo

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