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Humanizing Government: Simplifying Immigration Wit


Immigration is now one of the most pressing issues affecting the modern world. For governments, it’s not only incredibly complicated politically, it’s also a huge drain on human resources and a bureaucratic minefield. With immigration services often creating first impressions of a country, how can governments humanize to make the process more intuitive, supportive and effective?

Finland was the first country to employ AI to power their immigration service. Their new eService, EnterFinland, puts the user first. The results are overwhelming: 6 months’ in the service has reduced processing time by 37%.

What can this case study teach us about the importance of humanizing governmental services and the impact this has one tourism, politics and the society at large?

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  1. a framework for how to use this elsewhere
  2. How design has a big part to play in humanizing governmental services
  3. next steps for AI in government services


  • Tim Hall, Group Director, Fjord


Tim Hall , group Director , Fjord

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