SXSW 2019

How it Feels to Actually Lose Your Job to a Robot


The conversation about automation tends to be one of futurism, predictions and extremes. In our fascination and hunger to envision the future, we sometimes lose sight of what’s happening right now, to real workers in long-standing jobs across industries, regions and skill levels.

We will take a pragmatic and honest look at adapting to automation and talk through some of the ways we can be more empathetic and self-aware of the unintended consequences of innovation. What does this actually feel like for people right now? What can we do to adapt?

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  1. Examining the impact automation has on jobs & the nature of work today. Like, here and now.
  2. Having a more honest conversation with impacted workers.
  3. Adapting to ongoing uncertainty as humans, workers and learners.


  • Kelsa Trom, Senior Content Designer, Fjord
  • Eudi Paz, Business Design Lead, Accenture


Kelsa Trom, Senior Content Designer, Fjord

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