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SXSW 2019

DEPE Design: The Future of Design Thinking

For as long as most of us can remember, some form of glass screen has been the dividing line between the human and computer worlds. That is changing. As devices, technologies and new UI paradigms emerge and converge, consumers’ reliance on screens as the primary interface will shift, and websites and screen-based interactions will move to a more peripheral function.

We call this next generation of experiences DEPE Design, or digitally enabled physical experiences, an intentional blending of the digital and physical worlds. It’s not just adding an AR filter to an app, but thinking about experiences from the ground up and merging digital and physical moments, surrounding, full room interactions that will require agencies to have different skills sets and think way beyond the screen.

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  1. Learn how experience architects can create and coordinate content and interactions across technologies, interaction types and physical spaces.
  2. Say goodbye to cookies and design experiences around individual behavioral signatures like motion patterns, facial recognition and voice.
  3. Previously designing for screens, explore new tools agencies need to build physical environments that help mimic what's not being seen by the user.


  • Mark Newcomer , Chief Strategy Office , Mirum


Yariela Freeman , Marketing Manager, Mirum

Meta Information:

  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Workshop
  • Track: Intelligent Future
  • Level: Intermediate
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