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SXSW 2019

Women's Sport: Marathon and Sprint. Why? Next?

Women's sport has seen significant % growth in recent years: in TV ratings; and in turn the earnings and profile of its elite athletes. What has driven those improvements? Is it simply reflecting wider societal progress and the impact of #metoo , or is it simply good business as more eyeballs = more $ ?

Even so, the rate of progress varies enormously across different sports. e.g individual sports like tennis vs team sports like soccer. Why?

For those sports and elite athletes in the 'slow lane', what lessons can they learn from the sports in the fast lane? What else needs to be done? What responsibility do high-profile stars, sports federations/administrators, broadcasters and brands have for driving change?

What impact has technology and social media had?

And what's next?

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  1. How has women's sport narrowed the gap in recent years. How has it varied across sports. Why?
  2. What lessons from the success stories to drive progress? Is it reflecting wider societal change e.g. #metoo or proving womens sport is good business?
  3. How has technology and social enabled progress e.g. don't need big linear TV deal, easier to find. Is women's sport a FAANG priority? What's next?


  • Martin Kay, Managing Director, SNTV
  • Carli Lloyd, Professional soccer player, Sky Blue FC
  • Rita Ferro, President, Disney / ABC Sales at Disney / ABC Television Networks
  • Alexander Willis, Head of Communications, Content & Digital, All England Lawn Tennis Club


Martin Kay, Managing Director, SNTV

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Sports
  • Level: Intermediate
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