SXSW 2019

How Streetwear Turns Hype Into $$$


Gone are the days when streetwear labels catered exclusively to hip-hop and skater kids on the fringes of society. Trading on scarcity and hype, this is a business on an unstoppable rise, with its poster child, Supreme, now estimated to be worth $1bn. What can we learn from such masters of frenzy? From coveted collaborations to luxury department stores releasing ‘drops’, everybody wants to satiate this young consumer's appetite. Listen to experts from Nike and Alexander Wang dissect this highly engaged community, and explore what makes the thrill of the chase such a successful retail strategy.

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  1. What other industries (from fast fashion to luxury) can learn from streetwear’s retail strategy, including drops and coveted collaborations
  2. Understanding the highly engaged hypebeast audience and the importance of leveraging a community in order to achieve long-term connections
  3. How to leverage physical retail and digital tools in order to tap into a consumer’s sense of FOMO


  • Swan Sit, Vice President of Global Digital Marketing, Nike
  • Ferdinando Verderi, Creative Director, Johannes Leonardo
  • Bia Bezamat, Innovation Editor , TheCurrent
  • Aaron Levant, CEO, NTWRK


Bia Bezamat, Innovation Editor, TheCurrent

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