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Are Career Pathways on the Brink of Something Big?

Career pathway programs and systems have emerged as the 21st century talent development strategy that bridges the demand and supply sides. While opportunity has expanded through incentives and expectations regarding career pathways in federal and state policies, bills, and laws, the promise of career pathways as an equity strategy has not been fully realized, as of yet. In this session, state leaders with a deep commitment share what they have done to create more inclusive policies and practices

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  1. Participants will understand how career pathway programs and policies are expanding access and improving outcomes.
  2. Participants will be able to identify where career pathways make good on the promise of equity and where they fail.
  3. Participants will learn about specific policies and practices that state and local leaders have put in place to make good on the equity promise.



Johan Uvin, President, Institute for Educational Leadership, Inc.

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