SXSW 2019

Game Changer: AR in Advertising


Over the past 2-3 years, AR lenses have disrupted digital advertising. Snapchat opened up its 3D lenses to advertisers and is leading the way driving growth and brand awareness.

The addition of AR Kit and AR Core in all mobile phones are important elements in mainstreaming AR. Campaigns with 3D lenses delivered 5.3x ROI than other ads, and Snapchat’s Dancing Hot Dog became the first AR superstar with 1.5 billion views. Join Snap CSO Imran Khan for a fireside chat – moderated by Raffaella Camera, Accenture Extended Reality Head of Go-to-Market, NA – to find out what has young consumers engaging so willingly with branded content, and what is Snapchat’s vision for the future of AR based branded communications and advertising.

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  1. What is AR based advertising?
  2. Why are consumers spending so much time with AR based lenses and experiences?
  3. What is the opportunity to create new formats for branded experiences?



Dominique Rougeau, Marketing Director, Accenture Extended Reality

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