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The Moral Imperative to Reform Higher Education

The cost of college is too damn high -- worsening racial and economic inequity and injustice. Low-income students and students of color are not given support, fail to complete and leave with life-ruining debt. Reformers have worked hard to hold K-12 schools (rather than students) accountable for equitable access and results. Why stop there? It's time to extend accountability and hold colleges and universities responsible for improving access, affordability and completion rates for all students.

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  1. Advocates must look beyond higher education access towards affordability and completion for reform to be successful.
  2. Our focus on accountability should be expanded from K-12 to institutions of higher education and beyond.
  3. Our failure to insist on institutional accountability perpetuates a cycle of education inequity and financial hardship.



Konrad Mugglestone, Senior Policy Analyst, Education Reform Now

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