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Designing a Future Fossil Object: The MoonArk

The MoonArk is an elaborately designed geometric capsule containing hundreds of images, poems, music, nano-objects and mechanisms headed for the lunar surface in 2020 aboard an Astrobotic lander. Created by an expert team at Carnegie Mellon, this futuristic reliquary involves 18 universities and organizations and collectively 250 contributing artists, designers, educators, scientists, choreographers, poets, writers, musicians, engineers and fabricators to create the first museum on the Moon.

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  1. Learn about the Carnegie Mellon MoonArk headed to the Moon in 2020 where it will last for 100s of years to be discovered by our future selves.
  2. Learn about the creative practice that initiated this epochal interdisciplinary project and how careful project management brought it into realization
  3. Learn about the technical challenges, material practices, and extreme restrictions in designing for space travel and the lunar environment.



Mark Baskinger, Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

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