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Alexa, Georgia, and the Future of Digital Content


Today, we're demanding more flexibility from the organizations we interact with, whether we're using the web, our phones or even our voices. But many brands are trapped in a web-focused approach that optimizes their content for a single website rather than a range of user experiences on diverse devices. For the State of Georgia, being a well-informed citizen used to mean jumping through many hoops, whether that meant a new information architecture or a chain of inscrutable web pages. With Ask GeorgiaGov for Alexa, Georgia's giving residents information they need without having to pick up the phone or power on a computer, all while transforming its web content to be voice-ready and channel-agnostic at the same time. Georgia's lessons can help you prepare your content to be future-ready too.

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  1. In voice interfaces, conversational design, information architecture, and usability point to a need for a more voice-ready, agnostic content strategy.
  2. Ask GeorgiaGov provides citizens additional conduits for accessibility and information access with valuable lessons both in the public sector and out.
  3. Building voice interfaces must be interdisciplinary, with designers, copywriters, usability experts, and developers all with key roles in the project.


  • Preston So, Director of Research and Innovation, Acquia
  • Nikhil Deshpande, Chief Digital Officer, State of Georgia


Preston So, Director of Research and Innovation, Acquia

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