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Navigating Our Way: Exploring Career Paths

Preparing students for life after high school isn't a one-way street. We must meet students where they are and empower them to make choices that complement their interests. Navigating Our Way, an initiative shifting how career and technical education is valued, is about finding post-secondary paths where none are better, just different. Hear from thought leaders, educators, and students about navigating beyond a one-size-fits-all model to a progressive movement that fosters student agency.

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  1. What resources are available to my students who are looking to explore diverse career options?
  2. How do I talk to my students and parents of my students who might be considering a “non-traditional” post-secondary path?
  3. How did I navigate my own way and what lessons can I draw from my own experience to inform those of my students?



Sarah Ditkoff, Communications Director, FableVision Studios

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