SXSW 2019

How Biotech is Transforming Cannabis' Future


A panel of scientists at the forefront of using biotechnology to advance cannabis research and development discuss how tech is a driving force on the future of the cannabis industry. Specifically, the use of gene editing and it's different from genetic modification; reimagining cannabis cultivation; creating cannabis plants that overexpress trichomes and produce more rare cannabinoids; what this means for reducing the environmental impact of cultivation; how cellular pharmacology is yielding the secrets of rare cannabinoids and harnessing the entourage effect; how chromatography and other technologies are being used to extract rare cannabinoids; how research data can be visualized and shared; and what all these developments mean for the future of medical and adult-use marijuana markets.

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  1. How the technique of editing genes is different from genetic modification
  2. How scientists are working to get more cannabinoids from fewer plants
  3. What are the latest developments in cannabis biotechnology that will change the future of the market?


  • Jon Cooper, CEO, ebbu


Jon Cooper, CEO, ebbu

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  • Event: SXSW
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