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Experiential Marketers: Go Digital or Go Home

The live event is the most powerful way to connect. Period. Whether it be to your audience, your userbase, your company or your friends, experiences are remembered. But once the open bar is closed, and the luster of the swag has faded, keeping consumers engaged is difficult.

Experiential Marketing is no longer strictly about events, but about engaging with your consumer in real time - both online and offline, and creating a community around them. Keeping your brand or company top of mind through continued social media or online interactions positions you to be more than just a flash in the pan.

This panel delves into the best practices for connecting consumers to your event - before, during, and after - creating real life impressions and social currency in world where brand loyalty lasts as long as it takes to type 140 characters.

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Kristina Marino, Director, Digital Engagement, Mirrorball

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