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From Equity to Anti-Racism in Education

What will it take to dismantle an inherently racist system that hold our students back? We know that teachers were most likely to say their class was too difficult for black students—18% of math teachers and 13 percent of English teachers--despite only 8% of math teachers and 6 percent of English teachers stating their class was too difficult for white students. This panel conversation will explore the provision gap from the perspective of educators and investigate how to change the system.

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  1. Learn the various ways that our systems hold students of color back.
  2. Learn how scholars, practitioners and industry leaders view the problem.
  3. Recognize the powerful and pernicious impact of implicit bias on students' opportunities to learn and on the systems we design to teach them.


  • Jeff Livingston, CEO of EdSolutions, EdSolutions
  • Marco Davis , Partner, New Profit
  • Christopher Emdin, Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Science, and Technology; Associate Director of the Institute for Urban and Minority Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Kate Gerson, Chief Executive Officer, UnboundEd


Alisha Stewart, Dir Mktg, UnboundEd Learning

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