Caring & Safe Spaces Meet Up

Hosted by Vivett Dukes and Sevenzo, this meet-up is for anyone who is interested in creating caring and safe learning environments for marginalized students. Come to meet and learn with a community of educators who are taking action to create more caring classrooms. Attendees will have an opportunity to exchange strategies and resources, network with similarly passionate educators and activists, and learn how to stay connected through #SafeSpaceConvos and #CaringClassroom chats.

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  1. Meet and network with others who are passionate about issues related to belonging and equity, and who can serve as supportive peers in this work.
  2. Gain ideas and resources that can help create more caring and inclusive learning environments.
  3. Learn about opportunities to connect after the conference, including #SafeSpaceConvos and #CaringClassroom community chats among others.



Meredith Bortz, Chief Operating Officer, Sevenzo

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