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Open Education: Still a Chasm to Cross

Limited access to higher education is one the greatest challenges faced by students today. The recent economic slowdown and the increasing costs of education have forced institutions of all levels to reevaluate the way they use their resources. As educators begin to cut costs, they are beginning to discover that Open Educational Resources (OER) possess the potential to drive down the cost of education and increase flexibility. However, significant barriers remain: procuring OER resources can be time-consuming, quality standards are inconsistent, and awareness of OER remains low. We will overview the current “chasm” that OER has to cross in order to reach mainstream acceptance. The panel provides the unique perspectives of an OER publisher (David Harris, Editor-in-Chief OpenStax College), a University Press director (Meredith Babb, University of Florida Press), and a for-profit edtech business owner (Dr. Jamie Caris, President of Sapling Learning).

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Daniel Williamson, Managing Director, Rice University, Center for Digital Learning and Scholarship

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