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Face to Face: Connecting Community to Classroom

Boston Partners in Education and Austin Partners in Education, two organizations on opposite sides of the country, were born out of the same principle 50 years ago — that there's an irreplaceable benefit to students working face to face with the people in their communities.

We’ll explore the socio-emotional benefits of connecting students to caring adults in the digital age, and discuss some of the practical concerns with bringing outsiders into a classroom and consider how to address them.

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  1. How face to face interaction gains value in the digital age. In-class mentoring is a cost-effective solution to aiding student achievement everywhere.
  2. How to tap into your communities and the power of people who want to help. Creating, leveraging, and sustaining community and corporate partnerships.
  3. How to structure the volunteer environment, partnership and experience in the classroom to maximize the impact of a successful mentoring relationship.



Chris Cotrone, Marketing Manager, Boston Partners in Education

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