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More Girls in STEAM,Put STEAM Tools in Girls Hands

Just a quick glance at statistics and you see numbers that reveal the lack of women in STEAM-related fields. It could leave you throwing your hands up frustrated and discouraged. This workshop will give you practical ideas about how to engage girls in STEAM opportunities and how these opportunities could then lead to interest in STEAM careers. Participants will hear a brief case study, engage in hands on activities and dissect how these activities can develop into authentic teaching strategies.

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  1. Participants will leave with a variety of STEAM activities that can be applied at any age group.
  2. Participants will be able to apply STEAM to their immediate disciplines and see the connections between STEAM and life.
  3. Participants will leave with ideas to expose and engage girls, and all students, in STEAM activities, experiences and careers.



James CAMPBELL, STEAM Interdisciplinary Specialist , Atlanta Girls' School

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