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Global Citizenship Education: Role of K-12 Schools

We're living in a time of unprecedented divisiveness about a range of issues, chief among them what the US role on the global stage should be. In the US, civic engagement conversations are playing out against a landscape of intense contention and discourtesy. In a complex, rapidly changing world, we'll make the case for global citizenship as robust preparation for this kind of discourse, and for life in this century and beyond. We'll look at how US schools can and are leading in this space.

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  1. To learn how K-12 education needs to evolve in our complex, rapidly changing world.
  2. To learn how global citizenship education is preparing students to tackle the current divisiveness in our country, through civic engagement.
  3. To learn how schools across the country are empowering students in civic engagement and preparing them for life in this century and beyond.



Rolland Janairo, COO, World Savvy

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