SXSW 2019

Becoming A Modern Music Entrepreneur


Why is the term Entrepreneur not used more often in the music industry? From the classroom to the stage, entrepreneurship should be at the center of every career decision. Understanding key principles surrounding music entrepreneurship can help artists and professionals minimize their associated risks for opportunities, increase their value to the market, and likely find a more direct path to a career.

Join successful music entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds to learn about how to understand and apply these concepts to your career. Our expert panelists will discuss how they discovered solutions for real-world problems, and how a basic shift in perspective and the drive to work towards your goals is taking the first step to becoming a modern music entrepreneur.

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  1. What being a music entrepreneur really means in today’s industry for artists, professionals, and business owners.
  2. What risks are associated with younger artists and professionals, and how to minimize risk while increasing value for opportunities.
  3. How our panelists to discovered solutions for real-world problems and what areas of our music industry are in need of disruption.



Brian Penick, CEO/Founder, The Counter Rhythm Group

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