Trust is a Must


While “a 10% increase in trust has the same effect as a 30% increase in pay,” one is hard-pressed to find schools where teachers are trusted enough to make instructional or purchasing decisions. The panel explores how districts can invest in trust with tangible, purposeful measures that “walk the talk” of valuing and trusting teacher agency. Doing so, they enhance morale, improve working conditions, increase teacher retention, and attract the best new teachers, thus improving student achievement

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  1. Understand the strategic and financial advantages of recruiting and retaining staff by investing in developing leaders to create a culture of trust
  2. Learn and be able to replicate proven practices and policies that instill trust in your school and district leadership
  3. Identify the hidden costs in low trust school districts and the tangible academic, health, and financial benefits in high trust ones



Max McGee, President, Hazard, Young, Attea, and Associates

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