SXSW 2019

Blazing Beyond Basics: Cannabusiness 2.0


Where there’s smoke, there are buyers. But as cannabusiness has grown from a novelty endcap in a global supermarket of ideas into its own thriving economy, half-baked firms are folding every day. With evolving software platforms and tech support, ever-changing regulatory hoops and hurdles, and myriad industry growing pains, Cannabusiness requires a sound business strategy and eye for detail. Furthermore, it’s high time to build a strategy accounting for today’s opportunities and tomorrow’s unknown challenges. This panel comprises key players spread across cannabusiness, from high-end producers to experienced investors, to help share in-the-weeds best practices and make bold prognostications designed to keep both cannabusiness start-ups and established enterprises from burning out tomorrow.

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  1. Cannabusiness requires more than a napkin business plan; it necessitates a nuanced and robust understanding of a growing ecosystem.
  2. Planning a cannabusiness venture for today’s market is a losing proposition. You need an eye on tomorrow — and the day after that.
  3. A macro-understanding of how your cannabusiness’ focus both impacts, and is impacted by, other players best positions you for long-term success.



Evan White, President, Evan White PR Inc

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