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PBS Student Journalists Know a Lot About Learning

In an era of “fake news,” polarization and distrust, student newsrooms are places of collaboration, empowerment, idea exchange, respect for multiple perspectives, efforts to understand complex forces in society and the search for truth. Hear from youth journalists in PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs about their experiences covering elections, school shootings, immigration and student mental health. Learn how we're using influential media platforms as outside-the-box education partners.

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  1. Hear from unique student journalist perspectives about the stories that matter to youth and how to address issues of fake news and mistrust.
  2. Brainstorm how today’s most influential media platforms can be outside-the-box partners in educating whole learners and their communities.
  3. Explore the research on learning through journalism.


  • Leah Clapman, Managing Editor, Education, PBS NewsHour
  • Local Student Reporting Labs journalists Lanier High School, Pflugerville High School , Students, PBS NewsHour


Leah Clapman, Managing Editor, Education, PBS NewsHour

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