Creating Predictable Teams - 6 Practices That Rule


There’s no time in the day for educators to work more. There’s no scenario where we can replace the workforce. The key lever for us to achieve more goals in education is figuring out how we work in teams. In every other industry, organizations are focused on developing highly functioning teams and cultures. Based upon the practices of sports teams, special operations forces, and the fastest growing companies, this session dives a little deeper in to what makes those teams work like one unit.

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  1. Learn tactics you can apply immediately to get more out of your most challenging team meetings. Start to get key insights about your team every time.
  2. Build a culture of innovation by defaulting your team's thinking to yes and "safe enough to try".
  3. Develop practices which help teams eliminate old habits and build new ones that lead to higher engagement and a desire to learn as a team.



Anthony Kim, Author, The New School Rules, 6 Vital Practices for Thriving & Responsive Schools

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