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SXSW 2019

Media is Killing Social Media: 10 New Ways to Win

In the age of ‘all data everything’ we are overwhelmed with metrics and measurements on every platform, piece of content and behavior. The rise and rise of paid media on social, along with the metrics, kpis and jargon that come with it is suffocating creativity in digital marketing and wasting brands money. Media agencies and social platforms are promoting "best practise" that actually harms your chances of success.

Combined with the marketing shift to short-termism the industry now priorities measuring efficiency over effectiveness. We’re looking for immediacy rather than impact, reach over resonance and prioritizing a ‘2 second 50% in view’ view over a genuine reaction.

We want brands and agencies to take a stand and provide them with 10 new rules for winning on social media.

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  1. How to write a brief to ensure you are being as relevant as possible to your audience and ensure that your campaign is effective for your brand
  2. How to discuss your media plan with your media agency so it is bespoke for your campaign and not a cookie cutter of what everyone else is doing
  3. How to inspire the best creative work that cuts through the Eiffel tower sized volume of content that people consume every day


  • Ben Shaw, Head of Strategy, BBH


Ben Shaw, Head of Strategy, BBH

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