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How To Radically Change Public Education: A Model

Can I make the most impact inside or outside of the system? Should I start a school, nonprofit, after school program, or an ed tech company? Should I go into policy or stay in schools? During this hour, we will explore the nuts and bolts of a change model that rejects the premise of these questions, and instead answers the question: "What is needed to solve XYZ specific problems?". We will discuss both the theoretical principles and the mechanics of an unusual approach to system-level change.

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  1. Understand the theoretical principles of Authentic Social Change.
  2. Understand how to operational these principles through an organization.
  3. Understand why this approach can not only more socially beneficial than traditional approaches, but why it can also be more financially beneficial.



Nathan Pai Schmitt, Cofounder, The HadaNou Collective

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