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Tapping the Potential of the “UnLinked Population”

Employers are on the hunt for untapped talent to close skill and equity gaps—but those hidden gems may not have traditional credentials or LinkedIn profiles. Efforts to find “unLinked” talent are giving rise to new hiring methods, from simulations reminiscent of The Last Starfighter to micro credentials in passion fields like fashion and sneaker design. This panel will explore revolutionary hiring strategies being used to bypass social networks and harness the creativity of the whole workforce.

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  1. Understand how traditional hiring methods are cutting employers off from valuable talent.
  2. Discover how innovative hiring practices are resolving inequities in the labor market and connecting untapped talent to passion fields.
  3. Learn how workforce learning pathways can help close skills gaps and open up opportunities for talent without traditional education credentials.



Rebecca Blair, Associate, Whiteboard Advisors

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