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Rhythm & Learning: Marching to Your Students' Beat

“Rhythm" provides an introduction to the Developmental, Individual-differences, Relationship-based (DIR) model, a framework for working with students with Autism. Attendees will learn the academic applications of this framework through a case study of an interdisciplinary poetry group run weekly at the Rebecca School. Attendees will then participate in their own model poetry workshop, followed by a discussion of how DIR principles and interdisciplinary teamwork contribute to student success.

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  1. Attendees will learn the fundamentals of the DIR/Floortime model to begin implementing the intervention in their own classrooms & practices.
  2. Attendees will learn strategies for coordinating interdisciplinary groups (Edu, OT, SLP, PT) that work toward both shared & discipline specific goals.
  3. Attendees will use poetry as an emotionally meaningful, rhythmic practice & be able to utilize poetry as an educational tool for students with autism.



Donnie Welch, Creative Writing Teacher, Rebecca School

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