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SXSW 2019

Where Have All the Latinx Gone?

Despite representing nearly 18 percent of the population and the biggest movie-goers in the country, Latinx are consistently underrepresented on the screen and this has a harmful effect on our community. TV networks and streaming services must commit to increasing diversity and inclusion of people of color in casting, writing, producing and directing by exploring new strategies and creating impactful pipeline programs. Television networks also still have a long way to go until diversity, inclusion, and culturally relevant programming are responsive to American audiences. Of more than 11,000 speaking characters surveyed in film and TV, only 5.8 percent were Hispanic or Latinx.

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  1. Research states that Latinos make up 24 percent of all movie ticket buyers. Yet, Latinos remain the most underrepresented minority in Hollywood.
  2. In a report by USC, it stated that in 900 popular films from 2007 - 2016, only ONE was directed by a Latina.
  3. Since 2000 Latinx have received just three percent of Oscar nominations because the studios have not hired Latinx for their films.



Brenda Rivas, SVP, HR and Operations, National Hispanic Media Coalition

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