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This is Learning Too!

What if children have a different idea about learning? Ultimately, with no instruction, they’re always learning; physically, emotionally, and cognitively; building identity, self-awareness, and social competence through their senses, movement, and imagination. During this interactive, hands-on show, we can transform education inclusively by approaching learning the way children have tried to show us ever since schools began.

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  1. Reflect on your idea of learning by practically and dynamically discovering your expectations of student learning and their perspective on it.
  2. Understand how to work in inclusive learning environments by enhancing the “form of learning” each student has ever dreamt of.
  3. Discover how to teach today’s curriculum right now – on a zero-budget – by using students’ senses, movement, curiosity, and imagination.



Tommaso Lana, Teaching Artist, Embodied Learning

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