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SXSW 2019

Blockchain in Film and Music

Created by a passionate group of creative, financial and cryptocurrency leaders, SingularDTV is the world’s first blockchain entertainment studio, powered by the Ethereum platform.

With blockchain technology, information is continuously synced by independent computers around the world in consecutive blocks. This makes it virtually impossible for any one party to make adjustments to valuable information, such as copyrights, revenue, or streaming metrics.

SingularDTV helps filmmakers fundraise, develop and distribute with a suite of apps, such as crowdfunding platform Tokit. They can plug directly into their fan base and explore new audiences without added layers of intermediaries.

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  1. The future of blockchain in film and entertainment
  2. Women in entertainment technology (EnTech)
  3. The new forms of EnTech collaboration


  • Kim Jackson, Co-Founder and President of Entertainment, SingularDTV


Yichen Qu, Marketing Team , SingularDTV

Meta Information:

  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Film & TV Industry
  • Level: Beginner
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