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From Headline to Homework: Teaching Current Events

Are discussions about #MeToo making their way into your classroom? Do you want to raise news topics like the Muslim ban, immigration and “taking a knee,” but are not sure how? Young people hear about controversial issues in the news constantly; they want and should be part of the conversation. Using ADL’s anti-bias framework, interactive strategies and curriculum content about current events, gain confidence and skills to turn “teachable moments” into enriching classroom conversations.

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  1. Explore the benefits of and opportunities for teaching about current events, especially as they relate to diversity, bias and social justice.
  2. Gain an overview of anti-bias mastery skills, their connection to current events and explore best practices for current events instruction. •
  3. Explore additional resources for lesson creation and develop a current events lesson that connects with anti-bias mastery skills.



Jinnie Spiegler, Director of Curriculum, Anti-Defamation League

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