#cultureofme 2 #cultureofwe: Boston Public Schools


Boston Public Schools has 125 schools and a complex admin structure. People connect more within their school/department, and less across silos. How does BPS shift to a #cultureofwe? With a new superintendent and district-wide vision, BPS turned to social networking to connect the system. Learn what happens when teachers' comments are "liked" by the supe, when staff share ideas directly with the cabinet, and external partners collaborate in the same virtual workplace as schools and Central.

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  1. How can social networking support innovation in school districts and educational organizations?
  2. How does a school system create a collaborative culture that moves away from top-down or hub-and-spoke towards a networked model?
  3. How can collaboration occur across organizations without death-by-email and endless meetings?



Sujata Bhatt, Managing Partner, Innovation, Boston Public Schools

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