Hidden Among Us: Reaching Out To Student Outliers

Imagine you are a young person whose parent is in prison. How does that impact you as you walk into school, interact with peers and teachers, and sit down to learn? What makes you feel safe and connected? Five million U.S. children have lived this experience. How can we better serve them? What other students may be struggling with issues of trauma or identity? Together, we’ll explore strategies for culturally-relevant instruction and social emotional learning to better support their needs.

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  1. How do we recognize students on the fringes without making assumptions? How to identify and reach students dealing w/ incarceration, being LGBTQ, etc.
  2. How do our own preconceived biases help or hinder us?
  3. How do we address our students' needs for a safe space wherein they feel that they belong?



Christina Esquivel, Program Mgr, Sevenzo

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