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Facilitating Community-Engaged Strategic Planning

Every school leader knows the value of effective strategic planning. Oftentimes, though, it’s tempting to convene a small group to quickly assemble a document. We believe that district leaders do this at their own peril, and that the entire community must be engaged if the plan is to represent genuine stakeholder needs. Our workshop will share concrete strategies and tools from a recent community-engaged strategic planning process and provide time for participants to outline a scope of work.

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  1. Help participants understand the value of a community-engaged strategic planning process.
  2. Provide leaders with resources for engaging the community, including our new Educator’s Guide to Community-Engaged Strategic Planning.
  3. Give participants a chance to share with one another what is possible in their city/town and design a scope of work for their own school/district.



Jane Feinberg, Regional Partnership Lead, Reimagine Learning Fund, New Profit

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