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Designing to Build Community

Class time is a precious commodity. Instructors need to provide instructions, cover material, mentor students, and provide assessments - among other things. Increasingly, they are also spending time encouraging student affiliation and building a classroom community - things that are important for both learning and persistence. Join our codesign team - UX designer and learning researcher - to learn how we combined user-centered design and learning research to design a community building feature.

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  1. Attendees will be able to learn how a user centered design approach was applied to a real project, led to a new direction, and what the outcomes were.
  2. Attendees will get to see how students and instructors were incorporated into a project and their view points balanced in the final product.
  3. Learn techniques for demonstrating and getting feedback on novel ideas from students, instructors, and internal stakeholders.



Nikki Jones, Dir Communications, Macmillan Learning

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