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Mission Critical: Train Like the Army

The Army is one of the world’s largest training organizations. Army training imparts large amounts of information, instilling knowledge, culture, habits, and discipline -- knowledge and ability that is critical to their success. Every new posting or rank requires them to learn quickly and as a result, personnel develop the capacity to absorb information more efficiently than most. Learn how the army approaches learning and training to develop the smartest, strongest organization in the world.

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  1. Learn how the army approaches education and training
  2. Learn how to improve one’s ability to rapidly take in information and apply knowledge
  3. Learn how to pair best practices in obtaining knowledge with training on culture, habits, and discipline


  • Keith Walker, Lieutenant General (ret), U.S. Army
  • Andrew Smith Lewis, Co-Founder and CEO, Cerego
  • Maureen August Short, Captain, Company Commander in Iraq (ret), U.S. Army


Michelle Looney, Dir of Mktg, Cerego

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