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Gamechangers: How AdaptiveTech & AI Shape Learning

In 2005, two amateur chess players using home computers beat teams of grandmasters and supercomputers by combining the best of technology with human intuition. Today, higher ed institutions are enabling human-machine collaboration in class, with tech helping instructors and advisors predict student needs and formulate more detailed interventions while maintaining pedagogical control. Learn from practitioners how human-machine symbiosis is making learning more efficient, effective and meaningful.

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  1. Discover how adaptive technology and artificial intelligence are shaping the future of learning in higher education.
  2. Discuss how combining technology with human intuition and creativity in the classroom can make learning more efficient and effective.
  3. Learn from innovative higher education leaders and edtech experts how human-machine symbiosis is making learning more meaningful.


  • Perry Samson, Arthur Thurnau Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering, College of Engineering and Professor, School of Information, University of Michigan
  • Fred Singer, Founder and CEO, Echo360
  • Emily Watson, Senior Learning Design Architect, Smart Sparrow
  • Maya Georgieva, Consultant / Chief Innovation Officer , Digital Bodies - Immersive Learning


Caitlin Cox, Sr Assoc, Whiteboard Advisors

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