CSforSome to CSforAll: Story of the Unsung Heroes


As more schools adopt computer science education, we risk widening existing gaps in access and opportunity for our underrepresented students. The CSforAll Consortium has collected stories of the unsung heroes across the US, fighting to bring CS education to their students. From the opioid epidemic in rural areas, to communities without internet, to lack of resources for students with accessibility needs, listen to real-life challenges school leaders face, and how they are overcoming them.

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  1. Discuss the critical need to focus on inclusion and equity to broaden computational literacy and diversifying the technology workforce for the future
  2. Provide context for challenges faced by underrepresented communities through real life storytelling
  3. Share models and resources used by school leaders to overcome these challenges



Leigh Ann DeLyser, Chief Academic Officer, Co-Founder, CSforAll Consortium

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